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5th Walter Boeykens Klarinetdag

For the fifth time we are organizing the klarinetdag (clarinet day). During the daytime we organize our activities in the ArtEZ Conservatory Enschede and the final concert is in the Jacobuskerk Enschede.



In the morning there will be practices on your own level. These practices will be led by one of our enthusiastic teachers. The levels are divided in the following manner: Beginners, level A, level B, level C, and level D / Professional level. The highest level will be taught by Lute Hoekstra!

After the lunch break there will be several workshops. Everyone can follow one workshop. We do ask you to make a selection of two, to ensure you can follow a workshop even if your first choice is already filled.



For participants at the highest level, there will be a masterclass taught by Wenzel Fuchs! When you want to join this masterclass, we do expect you to prepare the concert and we require you to add one or more references. Of course you’ll be allowed to listen to the masterclass. This is an unique learning experience!

Teachers: Wenzel Fuchs



Do you know that feeling of a reed that doesn’t play as you want it to? It’s a familiar feeling for nearly every player. During this workshop you’ll learn how to adjust your reeds so they will be playable.

Teacher: Oscar Ramspek


Bass clarinet

This workshop is for bass clarinetists of all levels. The teachers will choose a couple of the participants whom he’ll train intensively.

Teacher: Erik van Deuren


Learning by playing for clarinetists up to level A

The best way to learn clarinet is by playing it. In this lesson we’ll start by playing our clarinets, and the teacher will help you improve your skill, for instance by teaching you the best breathing techniques, the best posture to play or how to keep your clarinet in playing condition.


After the workshops the practices will continue on the level of each group.


Final Concert

The 5th Walter Boeykens Klarinetdag will end with a grand final concert. All participants will join in the performance. This concert will be completely free of charge.


Practical information

The costs to join are €15.- for children up to 12 years and €22.50 for older participants. We will offer a lunch, buffet, coffee and tea for €15.-.

Would you like to sign up? Use the application form below. We hope to see you on the 17th of February 2018! If you have any further questions, do not hesitate and send us a message using the contact page.


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